2020 Graduation

The Literacy Alliance

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the 2020 TLA graduation.  Thank you very much for the volunteer to assist me during the ceremony.  In spite of her great efforts, we still missed one or two graduates on stage, due to the change up in the sequence from the published bulletin. (May actually have an image or two of non-TLA grads)  Regardless, I think I was able to get some good captures.  I hope these images will be useful for TLA's publicity efforts.
The images below are large, high-resolution (300 dpi) files.  Downloading will take time depending on the speed of your server.  
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All images are copyrighted to Photographer David Arnold, Loft 58 Photography, LLC.  
All images are donated to TLA by David Arnold, Loft 58 Photography, LLC.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve your event needs.
David Arnold